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Sunday, February 19, 2017
By Julie Moser
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I met this family through a referral from another client that has become a good friend.  I instantly fell in love with them!  They were all so close and when you watched mom and dad interact with their sweet babes you could tell they are such a close family.  There was no mama's boy or daddy's girl... both the kiddos adored their parents and were so well mannered.  As a photographer I love this because we can all just have fun during the session.  During this session we started on a walking trail in Richmond Hill and were truly bombarded by mosquitos.  And I'm not kidding!  It was out of a scene from a cartoon where the cartoon character walks into a bee hive and gets chased down by bees, instead we were chased by mosquitos the size of my head... and I have a big head!  This didn't stop this family.  No, no they all kept going with smiles on their face!  After getting eaten alive, we headed over to the marshes in Richmond Hill.   It was a beautiful sunset and we were able go get some great shots!  These are some of my favorites from the session.  Hope you enjoy!

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