Family sessions are so important to do.  I had my first family session of my family just last year and it is something I constantly regret.  I never want to get in front of the camera due to insecurities.  But in the end, who cares??  When I finally got them done, I LOVED them!!  And I wasn't photoshopped to be a size 0 either.  I just loved being in some pictures with them so when they are older they know that I was a very active part of their life too.  Family pictures are either done on location or a lifestyle session.  We live in an area where almost everywhere you look there is a gorgeous landscape, from the marshes, the beach, and beautiful parks.  There are so many different places to choose for your session, the hard part is just deciding what kind of look you are going for.  A lifestyle session is done in your home.  This type of session is done with you playing with your kiddos and is very casual.